Add listing 

Go to the top right of the page and click the ‘Add Listing’ button where you will be taken to the ‘Select Plan’ page.

Home page image of listing button

Choose a plan

Choose one of our great value listing packages.

Listing pack options page image

Add Listing Details with Fill-O-Bot or manually.

Now you have selected the plan that suits your business or service you will see the ‘Submit Your Listing’ page. Turn on our ‘Fill-O-Bot’ to find your business as listed with Google or simply complete the details manually. If you enter your listing title manually make sure to limit the title to under 8 words.

The Tagline (important). 

Just below the listing title section you need to check the ‘Does Your Business Have A Tagline?‘. You should then add a brief description or tagline (up to 15 words) as this will show in our search results under your main search image (the title and tagline will be checked before publication). Then move down the page and fill in all the required fields. 

4:  Category & Business Hours

Choose one category that is relevant to your business or service.

The hours of business are pre-set, so to add your own hours simply use the delete button and then add new times (if needed).

Category and business hours

Social Media (optional)

is for your Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram accounts. To add an account, go to your page and copy the page link and then paste it into the listing social media section after selecting the right dropdown.

Frequently Asked Questions (optional) can easily be added by using the ‘Add New’ button. It is good to add up to 8 questions and answers. 

5 Social media and FAQs

More Info: Description

This is the area to add a great description of your business or service and it will be in the upper area of your listing. It is a good idea to add 3 or 4 paragraphs about you and your company and the services you offer.

6 The main listing information area and keywords


Add your video link
into the ‘Your Business Video’ area (optional)

Upload images of your services into the images area (amount of images allowed varies by your package type) (recommended)

Featured Image:
Upload an image of your salon of company. This appears on the category search results part of your listing and is important (required)

Business Logo:
Upload your business logo (optional)

7 Images email address and submission area

Agree to terms:

Check the I agree box. Then save and preview your listing.

1 submission is succesful FYH

Pay for your listing

The payment button is at the bottom right.

2 Proceed to payment area FYH

Listing & Payment Method

Select the listing you wish to pay for and the method of payment. You may then select the ‘Proceed to Next’ Button.

3 Tick the listing and payment method FYH

View Your Purchase & Accept Terms:

Your package is now displayed and the price. Now agree to the Terms and Conditions and select ‘Proceed to Next’ and you will advance to your favourite payment facility such as PayPal or Stripe.

6 You are ready to go to Paypal or other payment facility FYH

Make your payment

Thank you for choosing to list your business on Find Your Hairdresser UK Directory.

7 You have arrived at your favourite payment method FYH

Thank you from Find Your Hairdresser UK Directory 

You have now  created an account and your listing has been submitted for approval by a member of our admin team (we will contact you usually within 48 hours).

Button  ‘CHOOSE A LISTING PACKAGE’ opens in new window to keep this tutorial simultaneously open for you!